Songs About Boots, Heels, and a Lot More

The Shoes You Wear Tell Something About You

If you are at a restaurant and waiting for the crew to bring your food, then suddenly a woman enter the room and you cannot help but to loo at her shoes, then I assume you are partly judging her. Don’t you worry but people do that with you too you are not just noticing is.

The thing is, our shoes can be a representation of ourselves. So if you notice someone checking out your footwear it is either they like your shoes or they   are already judging you. Most of the time it is the later.

Research says that in some cases, the personality of a person can be determined the type of footwear. Fo example, if you pass by a woman at the mall and she is wearing a 2-inch heels, then she is probably more of sophisticated type of person. If you see someone in a boots from MyBestWorkBoots, then you can think that she is in to stuff that are unique and simple yet gives a huge impact. Another example is when a person is wearing a sneakers, you can assume that he is the outgoing type of person.

If you are going to an interview or a date and you want to make a good first impression make sure to wear on point and appropriate shoes.

If you like shoes that much we listed below
songs about shoes that you may want to listen to:

1. “These Boots Were Made for Walking” 

There are lots of attempt to revise the song but it is just so powerful. The public still prefers the original by Nancy Sinatra. The song is about a woman who gets cheated on by his partner and she promise to make a revenge with her sophisticated shoes.

2. Head Over Boots 

This one is not literally about boots. It is just a statement which means that a person is madly in love with someone and will do everything for him/her.

3. Footloose

This one is a popular song. It is about a woman who decided to not obey the rules and just live life to the fullest.