The Role of Music in Sustainable Development

People have used music as a form of expression to inspire one another and build stronger communities. It has also become a crucial tool for promoting sustainability and increasing public awareness of the critical need to safeguard our planet in recent years. Many musicians have incorporated PV panels and battery storage systems into their sustainability plans after realizing the long-term advantages of doing so. This highlights the significant influence that musicians can have on the adoption of renewable energy technologies like PV + Speicher.

Musicians as Sustainability Advocates

Musicians have a special opportunity to sway public opinion and increase awareness of ecological issues. They can use their music to promote social and political change, spread environmentalist messages, and motivate their followers to take action. Musicians like Jack Johnson, Neil Young, and Pearl Jam have advocated for sustainability causes including renewable energy and ocean preservation through their music and impact. These musicians have been able to elevate their voices and spread awareness about the need for a more sustainable future by working with environmental organizations and promoting policy changes.

The Power of Music

It is possible to use music’s ability to spark creativity and invention to promote long-lasting change. Scientists, engineers, and musicians can work together to create new sustainable technology and goods.

The Global Impact of Music

Music has the power to affect social norms and shape culture.

As a result, it can significantly influence how sustainability and the environment will develop. Music festivals have become significant platforms for advancing sustainability principles and environmental awareness. Initiatives including recycling programs, sustainable food options, and water-saving measures have been established at events like Coachella and Glastonbury. These events have not only lessened their negative effects on the environment but also raised awareness of sustainability among its visitors.

The connection between music and sustainability presents a singular chance to spur advancement. Musicians have the ability to influence culture and norms surrounding sustainability by using their platform to promote sustainable technologies and goods and to increase awareness. Music may play a significant role in inspiring and motivating people to take action and safeguard the environment as the globe continues to face environmental concerns.

Leveraging TikTok for Music Creators

TikTok app on smartphone


With around one billion monthly active users, the Chinese video platform TikTok has an enormous influence on the music industry. However, despite the high density of stars on TikTok, the app also offers new opportunities for aspiring music creators to get more followers, especially when they buy those through third party services.

For some users, TikTok is just a hobby, for others, endless scrolling has become an addiction. Some musicians use the app as a source of inspiration, others earn the bulk of their income with it. In many cases, music is the common denominator of short videos. But what can TikTok do for music creators and their work?

Marketing strategy: TikTok

Basically, two marketing principles can be distinguished on TikTok: viral marketing and influencer marketing. Unlike commissioned marketing campaigns, music creators themselves become influencers on social media; the active users – to the carrier of viral music trends.

An example: After the then-18-year-old Olivia Rodrigo presented the personal genesis of her first single in a TikTok video, the song “driver’s license” became a number-one hit overnight. From a little-known Disney actress, Rodrigo made it to Times Magazine’s Entertainer of the Year in 2021, thanks in no small part to TikTok.

New platform – old stars

In addition to such newcomers, the most popular TikTok accounts also include longer-known artists such as the American singer-songwriter Billie Eilish as well as well-established celebrities such as Will Smith and many more. Consequently, the younger social networks are partly dominated by the same names as the classic entertainment media.

Although these are professional players in the entertainment industry, it quickly becomes apparent that the popularity of their accounts is not due to their main professional activities. Instead, entertaining (private) videos or simply ambitious fans increase their popularity.

Part of the job

The TikTok accounts of established stars are not a particularly helpful reference point for aspiring musicians. But there is an increasing causal connection between success in the music scene and that in social media.

Through TikTok videos, creatives like Olivia Rodrigo can spark interest and give the impression of accessibility that binds their fans to them and creates a sense of community. In addition, their activity in social media stimulates the engagement of their fans, so that in the next step their click numbers on the streaming providers also increase.

In addition, artists following the example of Jason Derulo, who leads one of the most successful TikTok accounts with over 50 million followers, can, for example, start dance challenges to their own music, which encourage other users to join in and imitate. In this way, song excerpts – catchy hooks or catchy lines – go viral according to the snowball principle.

The Musikfluencer

The incredible stream of content and the limited video duration make the recognition value of content creators more important than ever before. In contrast to the imitation principle, musicians are therefore increasingly conspicuous by establishing certain gimmicks, such as a signature move. In contrast to the imitation principle, musicians are therefore increasingly conspicuous by the establishment of certain gimmicks, such as a signature move.

But not all TikTok greats owe their careers to a random “share & save” wave. According to the YouTube principle of “broadcast yourself”, self-made stars, such as YouTuber Conan Gray, have been laboriously building a music career using social media for years. Meanwhile, Gray is one of the most successful “TikTok musicians”.

YouTube 2.0

Successful Tik Tok musicians also include social media personalities whose online careers make their musical debut possible in the first place. This may cause unease among lovers of “real” musical art. However, the phenomenon of singing models, as well as that of acting singers, has long been known outside the new media.

Overall, the relatively short duration of TikTok has some blatant success stories, the focus of which is on the artists themselves. In contrast to major label campaigns, everyone can make use of the marketing strategies mentioned independently, similar to YouTube.

Blind auditions for the songs

But when a detached song snippet gains notoriety through use in memes, the artists and the complete song behind the 30 seconds of fame in a short video often remain unknown at first. In such cases, the popularity of (own) songs on TikTok comes completely unexpectedly.

As a result, videos occasionally appear on the app in which songwriters of surprise hits, such as Emmy Meli – author of “I Am Woman”, marvel at her sudden fame. On the other hand, probably few know the top meme hit “Oh No” by Kreepa in full length. Some of the popular snippets also turn out to be parts of relatively mediocre songs.


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Global and diverse

Compared to on-demand services like Spotify, TikTok’s scrolling model proves to be more advantageous for less common genres. Because they can simply meet the users in the feed. Those who fear the power of algorithms in favor of mainstream goods should definitely take a closer look at TikTok culture:

On TikTok, the classification and evaluation of music is no longer based on genre drawers and chart placements, but on vibes and aesthetics (e.g.cottagecore idealizing country life), which dissolve previous stereotypes.

App users worldwide discovered such niche newcomers as the Belarusian post-punk/dark wave band Molchat Doma and used their music for atmospheric photo and video collages.

From the record box

As in other areas of the entertainment industry, in the case of TikTok, luck is part of being discovered by other influencers and their followers. However, not everything that’s new is right on trend – and not everything that’s trendy is new.

Songs such as “Put Your Hand On My Shoulder” by Paul Anka from 1959, here as a remix as part of the Silhouette Challenge, or through use in thematic video montages, experienced a revival. Other examples, such as Meghan Trainor’s song “Title” from her eponymous debut album from 2015, came to unexpected success as meme songs years after their release.

Sharing is fun

TikTok is therefore an open space for the musical output of all kinds: Contrary to the concern about a simplification and standardization of the music market, the music, and media scientist Prof. Dr. Holger Schulze emphasizes the musical diversity as well as the public presence of various music genres on the video platform.

Ultimately, the joy of making and sharing music remains superficial. A hybrid of a “music video” platform and a social network, the TikTok feed is full of contributions from talented professional and amateur musicians, creative challenges and collaboration offered by music enthusiasts for their peers, full of job-specific memes and inspiration. But above all, the small stage in front of a large audience is just a click away.

The downsides

However, the problematic sides of TikTok must not be ignored. Above all, the question of remuneration is important for artists on the platform. The conditions have improved significantly since the early days of the app:

While in 2019 the platform was criticized for not paying musicians at all due to non-existent contracts, there are now agreements with the three majors and the licensing platform ICE, for example.

A question of morality

Compared to streaming platforms like Spotify, TikTok doesn’t offer per-stream billing. Instead, payment is based on the number of videos that use each piece of music. In 2019, the average pay was 0.030 cents per video – as with the streaming DSPs not very high.

So, in terms of the financial aspect, TikTok, like Spotify and others, can only be part of a larger content strategy. The hope of increasing one’s own popularity and thus the merchandise or live sales through a viral hit could actually come true here rather than the plan to earn enough money through the platform alone.

The extent to which artists want to come to terms with this system or even actively participate in it is ultimately a kind of personal (moral) decision. The same applies to the willingness to entrust personal data to the app. Whether the TikTok app represents a privacy risk has not yet been clearly clarified.

10 Things Musicians Miss When Doing SEO

Music artist performing on stage


When you hear “SEO”, you almost certainly just think that this is often something that websites have to worry about. SEO music marketing is really quite important to get a buzz going about your music. You’ll utilize a keyword list for musicians as the simplest way to assist boost your blog posts moreover as draw attention to your social media sites (Use the following pointers to avoid the mistakes most artists make on social media).

For instance, after you use the simplest YouTube tags for music videos, you’re visiting to get extra traffic to your channel meaning that more people are visiting to discover your music. Aside from checking out SEO experts and hiring professionals to help you with your SEO campaign, the following tips are visiting to make a large difference in your business.

1. Research the correct Keywords

You cannot optimize your website for searches if you are doing not use the correct keywords. You wish to seek out out which keywords are working for other bands like yourself so you’ll know to use these for your own website. Confirm that your website includes these keywords in a very natural way otherwise this might hurt your SEO.

2. Be Active

It is important that you simply are active on your website and even your social media. Once you update frequently, you’ll be more favored on search results. This implies that if you’ve got a blog, stick with writing regularly a minimum of 2 or 3 times every week.

3. META Description

When you Google a keyword, you recognize how pages crop up with a link and a few information? this can be exactly what a META description is for. This can describe your content to people who seek for particular keywords to work out so that they can know if your site is what they’re searching for. It also allows you to use keywords without putting them directly into your content. Take a look at the instance below from

4. Content

The fact is that content is one of the largest things that drive your SEO. As you have got seen content that’s posted regularly increases your SEO ranking but so as to be effective, you wish to form sure that you simply have quality content that will keep people coming.


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5. Domain

Your name should include a number of your important keywords.

6. Link Building

If websites link back to you, Google won’t view you as a spammy website but rather as a trustworthy one and obtain you’re an improved SEO ranking. To induce these linkbacks, you would like to make amazing content that folks will want to share.

7. Analytics

Analytics will allow you to know what keywords are working for you and which of them aren’t yet as allowing you to determine what your target market is.

8. Networking

It is often very effective for you to utilize your social media accounts. You’ll use them to share your content, website, and other things like band concert dates. It also can facilitate your link back to your content and make it easier for others to share.

9. Site Maps

Site maps can make it easier for Google to urge to all or any of your website pages. This can be something else that may help improve your ranking on search engines.

10. YouTube

You already know that YouTube could be an excellent place to share your music but did you recognize that this offers plenty of SEO opportunities for you? Optimize it using your keywords and supply links back to your website.


Social Media: Aid for Music Promotion


Most social websites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are free to use and may potentially bring your group tens of thousands of incipient lovers with slightly rigorous exertion and some elbow grease. Many marketers are already utilizing these social websites like PracticeBloom’s medical practice marketing programs.


Surprisingly, you will find equally as numerous users surfing YouTube for incipient articles to regale them. Why don’t you post movies of your songs or movie website updates about your group to start magnetizing a little attention into musical masterpieces. Subscribers and lovers around YouTube are an essential element of your army of lovers. If you can figure out how to exploit the effectiveness of YouTube within an innovative and pristine manner, there is no telling how guy fans will commence after you along with your songs. However, do not create a YouTube station in case you don’t orchestrate on upgrading it by incipient content. If you are likely to really have a YouTube channel, then determine you have sufficient articles to keep fans engaged and intrigued.

Twitter continues to be the rave recently, or it has been in recent months.


Amassing a Twitter army is pretty arduous but if you are seriously interested in your vocation in audio it is consequential to begin constructing your Twitter military now.  The purpose here would be to incorporate and follow users that pertain to everything you are endeavoring to advertise. If you are a rock group, do not go after Justin Bieber lovers. Be smart about that which you follow along with that you allow in your Twitter team. Building a booming Twitter takes weeks but it’s worth the additional work. DON’T be enticed to use some accommodations offering you thousands of adherents in case you pay a second fee, chances are you are going to find the excess adherents but they will all be junk accounts and nonessential.


Facebook and Instagram are also useful when it comes to promoting anything. These powerful websites will let those people who aspire to become successful in the music industry. Contents being uploaded in these sites immediately reach the audience.


Water, Food, Diet, Quality Indoor Air for a Good Singing Voice

If you be careful to remain hydrated and nourish yourself aright your voice gets the capacity of a nightingale, but it could let you croak out a tune if you contend with a diet. Therefore it does to provide a thought to a food consumption that is own fluid and strong since it will affect your singing course.

Good Indoor Air Quality

While this is not only true for singers, this is applicable to every home for the health and safety of each member of the family. When you receive quality indoor air, your lungs receive quality oxygen too which is essential in vocalization. Thus, it is important to have a good air purifier (see The Best Air Purifier Reviews in 2020) at home to ensure quality indoor air.

Significance Of Water

Nothing beats on an ingredient like drinking water, particularly to some singing voice diet. It needs to be pointed out which you want to drink water through and before moisturize your vocal chords in addition to soothe and lessen the danger of harm.

Anyway, a diet – that the water-melon sugars, pears, cucumbers, and turnips’ water material fruits and veggies – may encourage the wellness of your gut. Juicing your veggies is for cultivating a voice, such an incentive.

Foods To Avoid

On the flip side, you’ll need to keep from eating foods that take a great deal of warmth like cooking foods or fried. The main reason is foods and cooking techniques will irritate the lining of the nasal passages. You can develop issues including clearing your throat to eliminate the mucus. Therefore there really is a singing diet an issue of maintaining check of exactly what to consume, while eating of foods which you ought to.

Advantages Of A Plant-Based Diet

It’s apparent that ingesting a diet fresh foods such as whole grains and vegetables, fruits can keep mucous membranes your throat wholesome, providing more ability to you. There are also other diets you can check as an alternative. In particular, greens are vital as the oxygen from the bloodstream increases, letting you stay singing for more extended intervals. To the contrary, the sugar content of foods will cause you to stressed and feel weak. Aside from giving practice your daily diet does play a significant part in creating a singing voice that is good.

How to Create Marketing Music Videos on Youtube

How do YouTubers create marketing videos on Youtube?

Video is the fastest growing content marketing strategy. Broadcasting videos on YouTube are one of the most powerful ways to get leads and be found.

However, creating marketing videos on Youtube isn’t just about posting silly and funny videos on your work boots (MyBestWorkBoots). It’s about creating videos that are engaging and relatable. You need to make videos that a vast audience will be willing to watch.


Tips for Creating Marketing Videos on Youtube


The most important tip to know about creating a marketing video is simple, you have to be on YouTube. There’s no other video site that reached the success of Youtube.


Video offers the opportunity to communicate, showcase and engage with your customers in a powerful way.


To help you, I made a few effective tips on how to create marketing videos on Youtube.


Define Your Purpose


A successful marketing video lets people know its purpose.

You have to balance how much your video focuses on product versus how much it focuses on a message. If you’re promoting your products, you can rely on emotional messaging to reach more people. Use specific words, music tracks, and engaging visuals to help evoke the audience’s emotions.

Start posting videos on Youtube after defining your purpose. Your video must showcase your product and how it works. Include the purpose of why you’re doing it.


Show, Don’t Tell


Common mistakes Youtubers do on their youtube video is that they always talk. Viewers don’t like a video that has a lot of talking, convincing and selling.

Instead of telling people how great your business is, show them. Show how it can improve and affect their lives. A video should go so much, much further than just telling.



Hire an Expert


Let’s face it… There’s a big difference between professional video and amateur video.

A professional video uses proper lighting, camera angles, and sounds. These are things that a videographer take time year to master. They also have the materials to add the proper depth of focus so the subject in the foreground is properly taken. That makes the difference huge.


Luckily with today’s technology, you can easily find many different levels of video production.  A lot of animation studios, independent filmmakers, and professional videographers are around the web.

Activist EDM D.J. Marea Stamper a.k.a.“The Black Madonna” Drops Out of Amazon-linked Intersect Festival

Marea Stamper, otherwise known in the EDM world as “The Black Madonna”, had her name and booking removed from the forthcoming Intersect music and art festival in Las Vegas, after learning of the event’s association with Amazon.

Also, well-known in the music industry as a D.J. activist, Ms. Stamper explained via a published statement that her issue with Amazon, is not just a matter of her ideology as “The Black Madonna.”

As a professional, she believes that linking her work with a company that has ties with the US Homeland Security, particularly its Immigration And Customs Enforcement (ICE) bureau, is an ethical and moral violation of her work and faith; and most importantly, an act of transgression against the people with whom she identifies.

Had she been informed of any Amazon branding, “The Black Madonna” said she would not have accepted the offer to perform at the Intersect festival. Ms. Stamper said she continues to stand in solidarity with the workers, immigrants, demonstrators, tech laborers and all people of conscience calling for corporations to end their collaboration with the said U.S. department and agency.

As a matter of fact, she is quite disappointed that the event organizers who approached her with the offer would think she would allow herself to become part of an Amazon brand-partnering. As it was, she learned about Amazon Web Services’ involvement only during the promotion of the event.

In response, Amazon’s cloud computing platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS) issued a statement with Pitchfork, saying that their affiliation with Intersect Festival was clearly indicated in the contract signed by Ms. Stamper. AWS’ claim though, was refuted by Ms. Stamper through a document provided to Resident Advisor dot net, as proof that the contract she signed did not include any mention of Amazon or AWS’ involvement.

Marea Stamper’s Background before Emerging as a Celebrated EDM Deejay

Marea Stamper went from obscurity to fame in the EDM world by starting out as a peddler of mixtapes compiled by deejays of the Midwestern underground rave scenes during the late 90s. The experience gave her the skills in blending mainstream pop tunes, hard-edge bangers, soulful disco and obscure remixes that earned her acclaim as one of the most exciting D.J.s in the EDM scene.

In 2016, Mixmag, the dance-music magazine, named “The Black Madonna” the D.J. of the Year. The following year, she cemented that reputation by closing the 2017 edition of Spain’s Sónar music festival with a euphoric set of excellently blended eclectic music.

Top Tik Tok Artists to Follow

Only a very few people know this but the new trending and most used entertainment app, tik tok, is actually a micro-video blogging app.


Not just that it is used to create short and entertaining music videos that most teenagers upload to today, but it is also a home for influencers, celebrities, and brands to gain more attention and fans. 

However, if it is used the right way, Tiktok can also be your avenue to get instant fame. Just like the people or tik tok users that I am going to tell you today. Let’s find out!

Top Tiktok Artists to Follow

Imagine that within the 15 seconds worth of video, you are able to capture million people interests all around the world. Which is why Tiktok had created a whole new breed of young celebrities with millions of followers at their fingertips, many of whom used their unexpected fame to kickstart music careers.

Their secret? Let’s find out!

Lisa and Lena — 32.2 Million Followers

Mantler sisters are both in their young age of 16, these identical twins from Stuttgart, Germany who were the most-followed TikTok as of February 5. The duo’s rise to fame began on where they created lip sync video and synchronized dancing clips. They’ve eventually become so popular that they’ve expanded their posts on TikTok to include comedy bits and general vlog videos about everyday things, like cooking and skateboarding.

Loren Gray— 30 Million Followers

Loren Gray Beech is also 16-year-old living in Pottstown, Pennsylvania who used her massive following to sign a deal with Virgin Records in March of last year. Her newfound music career began when she joined in 2015 and has since released three of her own singles.

Baby Ariel— 29 Million Followers

Ariel Rebecca Martin is an 18-year-old, based out of South Florida, and has used her and TikTok following to begin a music career, much like Beech. She first began posting videos on in 2015.

She’s led the widely publicized anti-bullying campaign, #ArielMovement, which had helped her garnered a lot of fans on Tiktok. Eventually, it also released her first single in 2017 under the Creative Artists Agency.

If you wanna know more on how to reach such followers on Tiktok, go to Alessin today.

Disc Jockeys are Just Like Any Hard Working Human, They Suffer from Back Pains Too

Disc jockeys of today are no longer the traditional broadcast personalities who played music selections over the air, most often unseen, seated and confined to radio booths. DJs or Deejays can now be seen performing anywhere, and for live audiences at dance clubs, night clubs, festivals, events, parties and online radios.

In order to give life to wherever djing takes them, deejays must strive to be the live wire that electrifies a venue with energy, using their creative mixes, remixes and tracks. Everything that a dj does, he does it not just to please the crowd, but also for his own pleasure of hearing tracks of music smoothly transitioning from one selection to another. While standing behind their turntables, deejays get all wrapped up, mixing and looping one song to another,whilst looking all so cool and relaxed.

Yet despite their seemingly enviable jobs and enjoyment with what they are doing, deejays are not exempt from suffering occupational hazards. They spend long hours listening to sample sound selections, trying to bring out something new, or adding greater depth to musical arrangements. Once they take on actual deejaying work, they will stand for about four to five hours, and possibly even longer. Rarely, if ever, will any one sees a deejay seated during a set, especially when and where there are guests dancing.

Due to the complexity and strenuous nature of their work, deejays are prone to suffer from neck pain and back pain. Such conditions can be aggravated when their concentration gets messed up by turntable woes; like when the table set up itself is too low for comfort. DJ tools, like any other mechanical device, have tendencies to go faulty in ways that make a deejaying engagement stressful. Technical difficulties happen and so do back pains, which could lead to contemplations of packing one’s DJ kit for good and looking for another line of work.

Actually, those who really want their back pain to go away permanently, take a break from deejaying and undergo a medical examination. After all, back and neck pains are symptoms common to musculoskeletal disorders, especially if one’s daily routine are regarded as risk factors.

What are Musculoskeletal Disorders?

Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) are feelings of pain or damages occurring in the parts supporting the human body; such as the muscles, ligaments, tendons, blood vessels, discs, and the likes, which are collectively called the musculoskeletal system. The trauma or pain becomes pronounced with every bodily movement, often affecting a person’s ability to perform a task. In serious to worst cases of musculoskeletal disorders, particularly those affecting the spine, a sufferer may even have difficulty walking or standing upright without a mobility aid.

Examples of MSDs include Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Degenerative Disc Disease, Herniated Discs, Tendonitis, Tension Neck Syndrome, DMechanical Back Syndrome, Digital Neuritis, Epicondylitis and many more. Some MSDs can get better with rest and conventional medical treatments, while those that tend to linger and cause unbearable pain specifically Degenerative Disc Diseases and Herniated Discs may require surgery.

Readers can find additional information about these diseases at the Central Texas Spine Institute in Austin website.

Music And Language Connection

Language could be effectively taught through a multitude of ways. Whether written, spoken or signed, language is universal to all humanity. With regards to this, music isn’t far behind and so are musicians regardless if they are powered by cbd products. There is a very little number (or even none at all) of cultures in the globe that don’t have any type of music. Language and music have tighter connections than merely being something that we all know and do, though.

Music and Language – What do they have in common?

A Way of Social Bonding

Traditionally, music has been linked with bringing the people and community together. Whether through a mutual emotional experience, admiration and appreciation of art of any form, or as a component of a ritual or ceremony, music is typically an activity that involves a group. This is similar to Language since most individuals don’t talk or converse to themselves. Communication or to communicate encompasses two or more persons.

Music is processed by Musicians as a Language

Researches have discovered that as musicians listen to music and listen to language, similar region of the brain becomes active. The region is known as the left planum temporale and generally this is believed to be where language is processed. Enthrallingly, when music is listened to by non-musicians, they don’t process it in that similar region as language. This implies that although all of us could process language in a comparable manner, practice is needed to process songs or music on a more profound degree.

A Person Remembers Music Identical To How Speech Is Remembered

Think of an unforgettable voice, may be someone who is close to you. You are able to distinguish that voice from others even though if the same words are said. Even if no words are spoken, we are able to recognize the dissimilarity between different individuals playing an identical music piece. The manner language and music is processed by our brain is beyond merely identifying musical notes or words, rather it is extremely complex and again utilizes similar regions of the brain.

Music Aids In Vocabulary and Grammar

In a research done in 2010, it was revealed that individuals who learned music prior to 7 years of age developed wider vocabularies as well as an improved grasp of grammar compared to those who did not. Moreover, it is commonly assumed that individuals who at a young age learn a musical instrument find it less complicated to learn other languages in the future.

The Reasons Why People Loves Music

The Function of Music

“The function of music is socialization”, describes by means of a musician and professor at Oxford University. In an essay, he asserts that music is so unrefined that it could be prior to the speech.

With this specialist, the bond which music determines between child and mother is within the guys who danced or at a group of employees and danced in front of battle or a search. “By creating this bond between people, music generated not only the family members but society,” he states.

How Music Gets the Mind Happy

How powerful? In one of the research, brain activity also a system as they listened to some piece of music. During psychological moments in the music, dopamine has been published inside the portion of the brain, a structure deep from the nucleus accumbens.

“That is a huge deal since dopamine is discharged with biological benefits, such as sex and eating, or like you’re playing paintball (visit BHIGear)”, states by a neuroscientist who studies the mind on the music. “It is also released with medications which are extremely strong and addictive, which makes the mind happy.”

How Music Synchronizes Brains

A music psychologist agrees that powerful emotions are released by music. His research look at how variations in the dynamics of music — both slowing down or speeding up softer and louder, or even of rhythm sounds for example, within a bit — resonate affecting response and the enjoyment.

In one analysis, he and colleagues had participants hear one of two variants on a Chopin piece: In version one, the bit was played as it generally is, with lively variations, although in version 2, the bit was played mechanically, without those variants.

Their pleasure centers lit up during energetic moments in the version one song but didn’t light up in version 2, while hooked up to an fMRI system after the participants listened to the two variations. It was like the song had lost its emotional resonance when it dropped its own dynamics, though the “tune” was exactly the same.