The Importance of Music in Video Games


The History of Video Game Music

The first notes to the game were already in the 70s. The game “Pong” was revolutionary at that time an electronic table tennis game that Atari developed for slot machines in arcades and in which the sound of the ball could be heard. Technically, at that time and up until the 1980s, little was possible and it also required a great deal of programming effort, because the storage space on these devices was simply too little all sounds had to be shared with the image.

Historical and newly produced classical music still plays an important role in popular games today. But at the same time, countless pop stars have also found the opportunity to spread music to predominantly young target groups of enthusiastic gamers. This led to the development of soundtracks, Spotify playlists, and entire live concerts as part of a popular gaming event. ..


Video Games Music Features

Video games are essential without music, but like movies, they even have core features. There is a distinction between games that make the player a star, such as “Guitar Hero,” “Let’s Dance,” and Oculus Quest’s VR experience “Beat Sabre,” and games where music contributes to the mood and provides specific gameplay. Get the player’s attention. For example, in Age of Empires, the sound of sirens and battle horns is displayed as a warning to release the eyes from strong visual stimuli and move them to the ears.

Complex sounds and configurations are now used in the area of ​​slot machines. Above all, the adventure game “Book of Ra” is well known, and the mysterious sound set in ancient Egypt makes the gaming experience even more appealing. Gambling orchestra music is so popular that YouTube provides a soundtrack, which enthusiasts often use as a ringtone for their smartphones. Music also plays an important role. Especially on slot machines, of course, initially in the casino area, in addition to visual stimuli, auditory elements also need to control the player’s perception, and unpleasant noise from noisy environments needs to recede into the background.


Game Music Composition Center

Most of the major video game makers come from the United States and Japan, so most composers are based in these countries. For example, Masato Sakurama, who is famous as a musician and producer in his hometown, also produced soundtracks for “Sonic the Hedgehog” and “Sonic the Hedgehog 2”. Koji Kondo, mentioned earlier, was in charge of not only the sound of the “Super Mario” series but also the composition of the “The Legend of Zelda” series. Among other things, the Zelda titles “Breath of the Wild” and “Ocarina of Time” were awarded for their monumental songs and are one of the most successful soundtracks in the gaming industry.


Video game music has many meanings that can draw players into action, make the experience more authentic, announce specific game actions, and make the game easier. Above all, it’s now a unique genre, a marketing strategy that favors the musicians themselves. Visit inversegamer for more video games.