Being Accompanied Through My Life By Music

Woman listening to music


In the book, which is about happiness, the author also writes about music that has accompanied her in her life. Since then, I have to think about this chapter from time to time and have thought about which songs have influenced me in life, or which songs are linked to a certain moment or time in my life much like what the numbers manifests. Since the radio is constantly in operation here, I have listened a little more closely since then and when a song I know played, I wrote it down immediately. I had to smile now and then when I thought of old stories and events…

The very first record I bought with my own pocket money was by Jennifer Rush (heart over mind). I heard the song I come undone over and over again in the following weeks (you couldn’t put repeat at that time, so I had to put the plate arm in the right place again and again. ;-)). Shortly afterward I was totally into milli vanilla (*ashamed*). At that time there was no MTV or Viva, but we had Dutch TV and the top 40 always came on Sunday evenings. So every Sunday evening I sat spellbound in front of the TV and was happy, like a honey cake horse, when I’m going to miss you ran (which I don’t look for on youtube now… the hairs on the back of my neck stand up! And that’s why we forget that very quickly, please!)

During my dance school days, I am the one and only hit par excellence and burner on the dance floor. I bought a single CD back then because all my girlfriends had it, but actually, I thought the song was totally stupid.

In the mid-90s I went with a bunch of young people to the holiday camp in South Tyrol. In the three weeks, we organized some disco evenings. Since then I had fallen for Herbert Grönemeyer, from whom I then bought or wished for almost all CDs and knew pretty much all the lyrics by heart. Also, the hit at the discos was Come on Eileen and Thank you for the music by Abba, which always ran at the end of the disco. Of course, all participants received a recorded cassette with the holiday camp songs. Today I wonder how long our supervisors sat in front of the tape recorders to record all the cassettes?!

Immediately afterward a new film era began… Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman – everything is seen (several times!) and the accompanying music could not be missing from my collection. I also loved Roxette at the time and I can still listen to your heart today (without feeling sick!).


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When I was in England for a week in middle school, of course, I had my Walkman with me. I remember very well that I had a cassette with me, which I listened to every night in bed. But I can only remember one song: Here comes Alex von den Hosen. But they usually left me cold, I don’t own a single record or CD of them. Only years later they were able to win me over as a fan with their song Alles nur aus Liebe. Isn’t that a beautiful love song? At the same time, in the early 90s, I was pretty obsessed with Phil Collins’ serious hits live record. With a Groovy kind of love and Against all odds I still melt away today and with In the air tonight you just have to turn the volume to the limit!

Phil Collins had to make room for Bon Jovi and U2 at some point. In the mid/late 90s, the two bands were my absolute favorites, and while I still find Bon Jovi so la la today, U2 has really grown close to my heart over the years. With or without you (<- goosebumps video!), Angel of Harlem, Stay (Faraway so close) and my all-time favorite One I can listen to over and over again.

In addition to bands and entire records, individual songs came and went, which were just hip and constantly played on the radio or disco. For example, I remember Melissa Etheridgte very vividly: Like the way I do. My God, what did my friends and I rock out on this song in the Düsseldorf and Cologne discotheques and sing along loudly?

After graduating from high school, I lived in the USA for a year. At that time, the movie and the accompanying song Gangstas Paradis had just come out. Of course, it went up and down on the radio and I thought it was so cool to sit behind the wheel in good weather, with the window open, and drive my kids to baseball practice. To this day, I can (almost) memorize the entire text.

After that, before and in between, various songs (and bands) came and went, where, when I hear them, I can quickly mentally put myself in another time and another place. I can think of 12,000 more songs right away… If I were to link them all here now, I wouldn’t be done the day after tomorrow!

And then there are the songs that you know, that you might be able to sing along, but that you just don’t want to and can’t hear anymore and at all. I won’t name any of them here, because if I search for them on youtube now, then I have another catchy tune for half a day! Don’t!