The Key To Success In The Music Business

What is the key to success in the music business? What is needed to make a career and get to the much-desired fame?

Music business: The key to success

Understanding how the music business works is the first step on the road to success. Despite the digital revolution, the basic principle of the music business has never changed. Regardless of whether it’s about self-marketing of your own music, gig promotion, media acceptance or just selling your own CDs online or offline, the basic principle is easy to explain.

People listen to music

They listen to music in the car, while jogging, or in a restaurant. They practically listen everywhere. Songs are consumed by people more than once. Music speaks to people and digs into their subconscious. And people need entire songs to do that—not 30-second snippets or samples. Therefore, don’t worry about streaming and offer potential fans your music as a download so that they can incorporate it into their lives and always listen.

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People like music

When a song has been heard multiple times and reaches its audience, they will be willing to pay for it. People can even become true fans and develop a relationship with the band or artist and take an interest in the other CDs and merchandise.

People buy music

The fan of a band will gladly support it financially. He buys the music. He also buys other items like tickets to a concert or band t-shirts.

Music isn’t a film or a book that people don’t buy after they’ve read or seen it. Music takes a while to evoke emotions in people and then they are more than willing to pay for it.

And whether the music industry wants to accept it or not, sharing music is part of the merry-go-round, and it’s not just what made certain bands famous in the past.

You hear a song on the radio again and again. You like the song and buy the CD. After listening to it a thousand times, you pass it on to a friend and the carousel spins over. He listens to it, likes it, and buys it.