How to Ship a Guitar, Bass, or Other Instrument Safely?

Music is powerful. It can heal the soul, inspire the mind, and bring people together. It can also be a life-changing motivator for those who may not have had much reason to go on before. But with all these benefits come many challenges, and delivering an instrument to someone who’s waiting is one of them. This article will guide you through some tips and tricks for how to deliver a guitar or bass safely and securely.

What to Look For When Choosing a Case/Bag?

When choosing a case for your instrument, you’ll want to take into consideration the following qualities:

  • What are the dimensions of the instrument?
  • How much weight can the case hold?
  • Is it water-resistant?
  • Does it have any special features to protect the instrument inside?
  • Do I need a hard case or a soft case?

All these factors need to be taken into account when selecting your case so that you know what kind of protection it will give. For example, if you have a heavy guitar with delicate woodwork, you may want to invest in a hardshell case. Or, if you’re traveling by car or plane, you might want to use something lighter and more compact like a soft-shell bag.

If it’s too bulky or heavy for where you are going, then find an equally suitable bag. After all, no one wants their instrument damaged on the way to its destination!

How to Pack Your Instrument Properly?

You want to pack your instrument in a way that is safe and secure. It needs to be protected from scratches, so you don’t want to cover the entire surface of the instrument in bubble wrap. Instead, place it in a sturdy case or bag with plenty of room for padding. Include the guitar strap when you are packing your instrument up. Of course, don’t forget to hire a reliable Santa Clara towing to help you ship the instrument.

Transporting Your Instruments by Car vs Airplane

Choosing the best way to transport your cases or instruments can be tricky. There are many factors to consider, like how much time it’ll take you to get there, if you’ll need to take a flight, and if you’re driving. The type of instrument will also play into the decision-making process.