7 Apps for Making Music at a Glance

Are you looking for mobile apps for making music? Here are seven useful music apps with which you can implement your musical ideas on the go.

7 Apps for Making Music at a Glance

FinaleMusic – your music sheet to PDF. The Portable Document Format or PDF was introduced by Adobe. PDF files can be viewed and printed by anyone with the free Adobe Reader or other free pdf tools. Many Finale users create PDF files to post on the web, email to friends, give to publishers, or print. It’s easy to save entire pages or extracts from your sheet music as a PDF document in Finale.

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FL-Studio Mobile – the digital music studio. FL Studio Mobil is a digital audio workstation for smartphones and mobile devices. It supports the systems iOS, Android as well as Windows UWP. This music program can be used to implement various multi-track music projects. In addition, FL Studio Mobil has several functions (step sequencer, track editor, and effects) and over 100 musical instruments (from piano to synthesizer ).

GarageBand – for your own compositions. GarageBand is a DAW for Apple products that make it easy and fast to create music. In addition, the program has an extensive sound library with various musical instruments and sound effects. It is also possible to import your own music compositions via MIDI. As an advantage, GarageBand does not have to be purchased, it is already part of the Apple software.

Music Maker JAM – perfect for remixes. If you want to remix and effect songs, then the Music Maker Jam app is recommended. The scope includes over 300 ready-made loop and sound packs, with which you can create and combine your own mixes. The music pitch and tempo can also be adjusted. You can quickly get an audible result here. There are virtually no limits to your music production.

Yamaha MG Rec & Play – for Recording. When it comes to songwriting, in particular, you want to quickly capture and implement your own ideas. With the Yamaha MG Rec & Play app you can create high-quality audio recordings and then edit them with the integrated MG-XU mixing console. An easy way to record your own song titles on your smartphone or iPad and mix them afterward.

Beatwave – for beginners. The Beatwave app is recommended for beginners. Here you can create your own arrangements and loops and thus easily implement musical ideas. A special feature here is that you can use the “Auto-Tuned Notes and Auto Chords” function to create harmonies and melodies without much previous musical knowledge.

iMPC/iMachine 2 – for hip hoppers. If you like making hip hop music, the iMPC/iMaschine 2 app might be of interest to you. Here you can quickly and easily create beats and use them for your recordings. You can choose from a large sound library consisting of effects and loops. You can also export finished songs and easily share them on Soundcloud and promote your music.